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Reviews / Testimonials

Best laundromat around! Super clean and you can pay on your phone app.
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Nicole Andree Avatar
Nicole Andree
It was good at Coin Laundry. In the month of January.
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Kedrick Burton Avatar
Kedrick Burton
Clean. Roomy.
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Carolyn Kincaid Avatar
Carolyn Kincaid
W laundromat and owner School laundry machines take 50+ minutes to dry but over here it takes only 20 minutes
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Hajin Suh Avatar
Hajin Suh
..a new spot in Lavergne to take care of those times the home machines are down or to do all of your laundry at once, very clean, reasonably priced, and friendly staff! Never really busy so plenty of machines in various load sizes to choose from, all programmed with multiple settings
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Russell Ross Avatar
Russell Ross
Love the staff . The front doors are automatic which you don't think of until you go somewhere you have to try and open a door with arms full of laundry. The use of the app is great although I had an issue with it once charging me for a wash I never used but imthag was once out of rather year or so I've been going there and K do all .y laundry there.
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Hayley Smith Avatar
Hayley Smith
Place is clean, haven't seen an 'out of order' machine the times I've been there. Although, I'm from out of town and don't frequent it often. Last wash is at 9:00pm as of 8.27.203. It does get stupid full in the evening so show up early.
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Daniel O. Avatar
Daniel O.
Great place
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Shatica White Avatar
Shatica White
Up to date equipment!
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Paul Bradley Avatar
Paul Bradley
Good place, very clean,
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Claudia Saldana Avatar
Claudia Saldana
Love this place, I always get in and out quickly
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My20 20View Avatar
My20 20View
It's always clean it's usually very crowded but it's worth it because they do stay clean.
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Christeen Taylor Avatar
Christeen Taylor
Muy limpio .
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Dixi Bustillo Avatar
Dixi Bustillo
Love this place. Its clean and the automatic doors are NICE. i tried the app to pay for my laundry. That was SUPER COOL
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Tricia Duke Avatar
Tricia Duke
Very clean and owners are nice. You cannot just dry here, you have to use the full service. Wash and dry. I won't wash anywhere else now.
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Felisha Haggard Avatar
Felisha Haggard
I've never had any issues or problems using this laundromat and must say it is always clean and smells good. The restroom is actually really clean to be a public restroom. I will continue to use this facility and refuse to go anywhere else around the area. The washers it and dryers also work really great and fast always in and out within a decent amount of time. Definitely much better than the old ragged place I've used before because was riding with someone and I absolutely refuse to go back to the one in Smyrna it smells in there and their washers suck!!!
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LaDonna Reeves Avatar
LaDonna Reeves
Very Clean The Staff Are Sweet & Very Helpful
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Quinte Crayton Avatar
Quinte Crayton
Very clean place brand new open the person that manage the place on side is very friendly and helpful a nice place to get a few laps in while you're waiting on your laundry to wash and dry good exercising
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cymethia brown Avatar
cymethia brown
Very Clean The Staff Are Sweet & Very Helpful
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Quinte Crayton Avatar
Quinte Crayton
Great experience! It’s quiet now because most people don’t know it’s open yet. There are not a lot of washers and dryers here. However, since it is sharing space with two future storefronts it should (hopefully) minimize future parking issues. Clean and very convenient. They have hot water. It was nice not to be constantly watched and treated like a criminal. The on-site attendant was friendly and professional. There are security cameras and I felt safe. Worth a try if you’re willing to pay a little extra for quality. I will be back. Thanks!
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J C Avatar
Super clean. Sweet attendant.., very helpful.
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Jean Johnson Avatar
Jean Johnson
Very clean and spacious!
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Crystal Kang Ahn Avatar
Crystal Kang Ahn


Viva Coin Laundry
5246 Murfreesboro Rd,
La Vergne, TN 37086

+1615 390-7531

Open 7 Days A Week
7:00 AM - 10:00 PM